Neurontin is an effective treatment for epileptic seizures as it stabilizes certain nerves and chemicals in the body. This drug can be used by adults and children. It may also be used to relieve nerve pain caused by shingles or other herpes viruses.


Take this medication as directed. Your doctor will monitor your condition and, if necessary, he or she may increase the dose gradually. Take your first dose before you go to sleep to reduce side effects. For best results, there should be a constant supply of Neurontin in your blood stream therefore take doses at evenly spaced times.

Continue using Neurontin even if you seizures are not occurring. If you suddenly stop treatment, your disorder may worsen. Your doctor will tell you when to stop treatment and will inform you exactly how to do this. Your dose will be reduced gradually so that your system can slowly learn to cope without it.

If you need to use an antacid that contains magnesium or aluminum, take it 2 hours before your dose of Neurontin. This will ensure that the antacid does not affect the rate of absorption.

Side effects

Dizziness and drowsiness, vision changes, fatigue, weight gain, dry mouth, nausea, or constipation. If these last for more than a week, notify a doctor.

Serious side effects: tremors, swollen legs or arms, lack of co-ordination, sudden mood swings, agitation, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, hostility, rapid speech, persistent cough (or fever or sore throat), unusual bruising or bleeding, redness of the legs or arms, trouble breathing, irregular heart rate, stomach pain, or a loss of hearing. Notify a doctor immediately.

Although the chances are unlikely, an allergic reaction to this drug should be immediately reported to a doctor. The symptoms would be trouble breathing, severe dizziness, swelling, itching, or rash.

Important Information

If you are allergic to gabapentin or other anticonvulsants, or any other medical compound, inform your doctor.

Inform your doctor if you have a medical history that includes kidney disease.

Neurontin may cause dizziness so be very careful if you do any activity that requires you to be alert such as driving or operating machines. Restrict your intake of alcohol.

Elderly people should be careful when using Neurontin as they may be prone to some of the side effects, especially loss of co-ordination or swelling of the legs and arms.

Be cautious when administering Neurontin to children as they may be prone to some of the side effects such as hostility or mood disorders.

Neurontin may harm an unborn fetus therefore if a woman becomes pregnant during treatment with this drug, a doctor should be immediately notified. Neurontin can contaminate breast milk so women who are breastfeeding will have to speak to their doctors about the risks.


Store all medications in a safe, dry and cool place where they are not exposed to sunlight or moisture. Keep away from children. Do not store in a bathroom.

Generic Neurontin

Generic Neurontin

Anticonvulsants + Stiripentol

Stiripentol causes marked rises in the serum levels of carbamazepine, phenobarbitone and phenytoin. Reduce their dosages to avoid the development of toxicity.